Philosophy in times of crisis

Theoretical Perspectives East and West

August 2021, 9th–14th

The summer school aims to bring together leading experts and junior scholars from the fields of social and political theory as well as Chinese philosophy. Our starting point is the frequently proclaimed crisis of liberalism which is often taken to affect the very heart of Western political values and identity.

Public debate frequently points to Chinese Philosophy as a rival approach in political theorizing. It is our goal to move away from such an antagonistic framing. Rather, we aim to explore what resources thinkers from east and west can provide in times of crisis. The summer school thus aims to explore the rich innovative potential Confucian and Western positions have to offer for political and social theorizing. By initiating a dialogue between different philosophical traditions, we aim to generate new impulses both in terms of methodology and content. This will also involve questioning and reassessing the very basic tenets of current-day liberal theory.

The summer school bridges five time zones and brings together scholars from four continents. To achieve this online, we will work with a wide array of formats, including live and pre-recorded keynote lectures, reading sessions, expert panels and presentations from junior scholars. After the Summer School, further texts will be published on our blog in order to continuously expand the discourse.
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