Perspectives East & West (PEW) Website goes online

Hauke Behrendt

July 22, 2021 6:02 AM

Welcome to PEW

We are happy to announce that our website "Perspectives East & West" (PEW) went live today. This event page serves as a central hub for the event.

Unfortunately, the enduring Coronavirus crisis made any planning regarding our Summer School very difficult, especially as travel restrictions may make it impossible for some to attend. To cut a long story short, we have come to the hard-to-accept realization that an in-person event would most likely not be possible, and in any case, not allow for the open exchange of ideas that we had hoped for.

We are very sorry about this, as we would very much have welcomed everyone in Tuebingen this summer! We feel that we have such a great line-up of participants, both senior and junior, that another postponement of the School would have been very unfortunate. We have therefore concluded that it is best to keep the date and move the event online.

However, we think it would be sad if the event would end up being 'just another zoom conference'. Instead, we would like to do all we can to foster an engaging and communicative atmosphere even as we move online. That implies, among other things, that we want to allow sufficient opportunities for personal exchange between the participants.

The summer school bridges five time zones and brings together scholars from four continents. To achieve this online, we will work with a wide array of formats, including live and pre-recorded keynote lectures, reading sessions, expert panels, presentations from junior scholars and informal exchange in the form of blog posts. You can find a detailed schedule and descriptions of the events on the agenda.

While an online event can never replace an in-person Summer School, we sincerely hope that we can still turn this into a very much worthwhile endeavor with some extra effort. We are very thankful to all of you who have stayed with us and who have invested extra time and work to make this event possible.

Do you want to participate?

We have set up this blog to continue reporting on the summer school and relevant topics. If you are interested in making this blog a vivid medium of exchange, please get in touch with us.

We are interested in reporting on the discussions at the Summer School for all those who cannot be there live or to elaborate on an exciting thought in more detail. We also welcome any further information that contributes to the overall subject of the event.

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