Tobias Störzinger (Göttingen)

Knowing Our Mind – Social Critique as a Form of Collective Metacognition

short biography

2007-2014 Studies of Philosophy, Political Science and History at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2014 PhD student at the University of Stuttgart with the thesis "Metacognition in distributed intelligent systems". From 2014 to 2018 DFG fellow at the Graduate School of Excellence Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME). Research stay at Georgetown University from 01.03.2017-30.05.2017. Since April 2019 research associate at Georg-August University Göttingen at the chair of Prof. Catrin Misselhorn in the project GINA ( Interaction Strategies for Service and Assistance Robotics).


My paper aims to elucidate a specific form of collective metacognition characterized by the practice of recognizing and criticizing "our way" of forming collective judgments. I combine theories of collective agency that emphasize the important role of collective judgment formation (List & Pettit 2011)with theories of metacognition and mindshaping that emphasize social and regulatory aspects (Zawidzki 2013; McGeer 1996) to develop a concept of the collective practice of self-understanding and self-criticism of the formal and ideological presuppositions of "our" way of thinking. Finally, I want to show how this collective metacognitive capacity is an essential feature of a specific form of collective agency that can be distinguished from "lower" forms of collective agency.
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